Expressing Adventures of Humanity Through Entertainment



Our Beginning

Renel Vital, President and Founder of IGE

Renel Vital, President and Founder of IGE

During his childhood, Renel took music lessons with multiple instruments. However, it wasn't until taking a creative writing class in college, that he realized music would be his career path.

That career path grew into the arts as a whole as his creative energy widened to other areas of entertainment. Inner Globe Entertainment is the vehicle, that the creative and imaginative ideas will cruise through, to give back to humanity.


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Meet Mr. Dax

The long awaited debut album "I'm Mr. Dax" from Renel Vital takes off for kids early this spring. The idea for this first project came from Rene's passion for music and the arts, as well as his enjoyment from working with, and giving back to the youth. 

Join him and his team of artists on this educational, and entertaining journey that takes place in this wonderful town of Kuru, where listeners will be met with the pulsing, and passionate music of hip-hop, singing and spoken word.